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Hypnotherapist Cheltenham Gloucester

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Haylee Ford’s Hypnotherapy in Cheltenham is a clinical practice dedicated to achieving positive results in the lives of people who use our treatment services. We thrive on seeing our clients receiving the benefits of hypnotherapy in a wide range of issues that we treat and heal. Our expertise and professionalism ensures that you will always leave your therapy session feeling deeply relaxed, in control and renewed.

We are a proud member of The British Psychological Society, incorporating our psychotherapy knowledge into our professional hypnotherapy treatments to achieve the best results possible.

Please take your time to browse through our website, we encourage you to learn more about the nature of hypnotherapy too – it’s often not what people expect….


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 Hypnotherapist in Cheltnham in association with The British Psychological Society.






 A More Personal Hypnotherapy Experience

We pride ourselves on being unique from many other treatment centres in that we pay close and personal attention to every client that walks through our door. Your initial consultation is one hour long, meaning that we can fully get a sense of what you are going through and work out how to resolve your issues. We prepare you fully so that you will receive maximum benefit from each of your hypnotherapy sessions in Cheltenham.

You will always enter our treatment room feeling welcome, secure and able to relax. During each session, you will be in full control of what you are doing and able to come out of hypnosis at any time you wish.

Our hypnotherapy is different to what you might see on television, where hypnosis is sometimes used as a way to entertain crowds.  Our hypnotherapy completely differs in that we offer a professional clinical hypnotherapy service for healing not for entertainment.   We incorporate clinical Hypnotherapy with psychotherapy which takes place while you are relaxed but fully conscious and able to still guide the session using your subconscious mind.

We ensure that all ideas and experiences are your own, coming from you, we help you to heal, resolve issues and lead a life that is free from limitations that have been previously holding you back from reaching your full potential.








Hypnotherapy Treatments With Us

A hypnotherapy treatment session with us is designed to activate your own inner healing mechanisms in a safe way, by freeing up and releasing any negative patterns that may be operating in your mind. Our minds can be complex mechanisms, our personalities can have many layers, and hypnotherapy is designed to unravel these layers, to go as deep as you are comfortable with and resolve any behavioural or psychological issues at the root.

We use tools of age regression and replacing negative associations with positive ones so that your mind is able to enhance and benefit your life, rather than holding you back.

Our hypnotherapy in Cheltenham can deal with a wide range of issues, including:



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 Hypnotherapist in Cheltenham



Hypnotherapy For:




You might experience social anxiety, anxiety about your health, job, family or even school and exams. We are able to go to the source of the issue in a safe way so that you can begin to re-configure your thought processes to become more positive and aligned with how you wish to feel and act in the world.

More About Anxiety Hypnotherapy   

Anxiety hypnotherapy treatment with Haylee Fords Hypnotherapy in Cheltenham.


Weight Loss 

Our hypnotherapy in Cheltenham can help people lose weight by uncovering the reason for the weight gain in the first place. It could be due to any number of reasons that you aren’t aware of, and our hypnotherapy treatment allows you to discover for yourself what might be causing you to gain weight or not allowing you to lose it. Once we discover where the issue lies, we can work on resolving it, so that your behaviours reflect your renewed state of mind.

We also offer gastric band hypnotherapy to simulate the effects of a gastric band surgery, without you needing to visit the operating room and spend weeks recovering.


More About Weight Loss Hypnotherapy 

Weight loss help with hypnotherapy in Cheltenham.



Stress Relief

Stress is a common symptom of living in the world with so much to do. Pressures of work and family life can mean that our minds can build up stresses that we aren’t sure how to deal with. Hypnotherapy can help you relieve this stress and go forward with the tools you need to deal with challenges much more effectively when they arise for you in life.

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 Stress hypnotherapy treatment in Cheltenham


Help Sleeping

If you suffer from any form of insomnia, hypnotherapy is a great tool to help you begin to move back into a restful night’s sleep. Our treatment helps you to relax your entire body and mind, remove any causes for insomnia and ensure that sleep becomes something that you can look forward to and renew your relationship with.

Sleep at night will shift from something you don’t look forward to into a restful and peaceful time that you can enjoy as much as you want to.

More About Sleep Hypnotherapy 

Client suffering from insomnia, Hypnotherapists in Cheltenham



Quit Smoking

Our hypnotherapy sessions in Cheltenham can help with all kinds of addictions, including smoking. Hypnotherapy allows you to identify what is causing the addiction, and from a relaxed state of mind, you are able to access your subconscious mind and let go of any addictive patterns that are still operating within you.

More About Hypnotherapy To Quit Smoking 

 Quit smoking with our hypnotherapy in Cheltenham




Age Regression

Age regression is a major part of our hypnotherapy treatment, where you are guided to go back in your memory to the time where an issue or negative thought pattern might have begun for you. Using our guidance while we are directed by your experience, together we are able to release past trauma and leave you feeling fresher and fuller, free from past pain that is no longer serving you in a positive way.

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Age regression hypnotherapy in Cheltenham


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